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Notes: Chrome’s Built In Page Zoom and Minimum Font Size – No Need For An Extension? Probably.

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There are lots of Zoom extensions but most are no longer needed as this functionality is now built into Chrome.

Page Zoom is set to a particular value for all sites initially (say 150%), and any changes to a particular site are remembered as well.

You can increase or decrease Page Zoom by using “Control +” or “Control -“, or using the Chrome Menu.

Once you change the zoom, an icon shows in the address bar which allows you to reset it.

Page Zoom:

In “Settings” > “Advanced Settings”.

Font Size: Meduim

Page Zoom: 150% (This is for a 24 inch Wide Screen).


I get annoyed by tiny fonts on a web page so this is a great feature, its just odd that they hide it so deep.

Minimum Font Size:

In “Settings” > “Advanced Settings”.

Click Customize and scroll down:

Minimum Font Size: 18


You may find that you still need to adjust the fonts on an the odd web site, If so use this extension:

Font Size Increase and Font Size Decrease

Adds a + or – button to the Address bar.

You may need to click it a few times as well, as I think it cycles though small, medium, large and very large.

The only other issue is that the font size is not saved per site, but this is a great extension none the less.


Written by SilverWav

November 30, 2012 at 9:34 pm

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