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Feedly Power User Setup – Two Keys to Anywhere – Using Index and Goto

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Want to see whats new (per feed, not per category), and to be able to jump to it fast?

Here’s how:

Use Index (gh) to see what’s unread and (gg) to search and jump to a feed.

f | Index - Google Chrome_032

(gg) then type to narrow your search.

f | Index - Google Chrome_029

Set everything to Title View.

f | Ars Technica - Google Chrome_031

Increase the Zoom in chrome until you lose the left feeds menu and it gets replace with a hover over control.

Install “Force Background Tab” from Yuchen Wang from here: .

This lets you scan through your items fast using keyboard shortcuts:

n and p (next) and (previous) to work down the list.

o to (open) the summary of an item.

v to (view) in a new tab (forcing it to open in the background is a huge time saver).

r to reload.


New keyboard shortcuts: View original in *background* tab, Preview


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March 22, 2013 at 7:46 pm

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Note: Feedly Secret Shortcuts

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gh brings up Index!

Really useful as I go back to Index each time I have scanned through a feed.

f | Softpedia - Google Chrome_025

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March 22, 2013 at 7:11 pm

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Feedly Is A Revelation! – Feedly in 5 minutes – A Quick Intro And How To

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Google actually did me a favour with the brouhaha over its closure of Google Reader…it introduced me to Feedly.

Feedly is a revelation, somewhat like the first time you use Gmail, this is a fantastic RSS reader, really fantastic.

It is a big change to the way I normally consume RSS content, something more like a constantly updating newspaper… but not really, because it is its own thing.

And you have fantastic opportunities for customisation, and you can use it in various different ways depending on how much time you have.

How have I missed this for so long?!?

Quick Instructions on the use and set-up of Feedly.

Diving straight in, this is what Feedly looks like once I was finished messing about learning how things worked.

Today: Magazine View

f | Today - Google Chrome_001

Main: Magazine View

f | Main - Google Chrome_002

Feed (Softpedia): Titles View

Below is a Titles View zoomed in – Use the n (next) and p (previous) keys to read each atticle and r to refresh.

Keyboard Shortcuts Help is Shift+?.  A hidden shortcut that works is Shift+s for sharing/liking.

f | Softpedia - Google Chrome_025

Use the keyboard shortcut gg:

f | Softpedia - Google Chrome_026

Now start typing for where you want to go.

f | Softpedia - Google Chrome_027

Below is the view you see if you have zoomed in, the controls are hidden on the left.

On my smaller work screens this is a good view…

f | Main - Google Chrome_003

The next view shows the Organise popup.

f | Main - Google Chrome_004

Feed Set-up – Open Directly

Here is a feed (BBC News) which is part of the group called “Main”, clicking the cog icon allows you to set “Open Directly”

f | BBC News - World - Google Chrome_023

Feed Set-up – Edit

Clicking the “edit” button to the right of the title, allows you to set “Must Read”.

f | BBC News - World - Google Chrome_024

Feed Set-up – Add/Search

Search icon  on the right

f | Saved - Google Chrome_005

You can search or copy and paste RSS feeds or url’s in here…

f | Saved - Google Chrome_006

Scroll down for a lot more. Here I could ‘add all’ to the Photograph stuff… or keep on searching.

f | Explore photography - Google Chrome_007

Once you have a few feeds you can now organise them into groups…

Note that you can move items between groups (by drag and drop ), but you cannot order items in the group, this took me some getting used to, but it makes sense when you see how Feedly works.

You can order the way groups are shown, just move them around until you are happy.

f | Organize - Google Chrome_008

Before: Main, Tech, Linux, Bored.

f | Organize - Google Chrome_009

Moving Tech.

f | Organize - Google Chrome_010

Now: Main, Linux, Tech,  Bored.


f | Preferences - Google Chrome_016

Views: Magazine

f | Main - Google Chrome_011

Views: Titles

f | Main - Google Chrome_012

Views: Mosaic

f | Main - Google Chrome_013

Views: Cards

f | Main - Google Chrome_014

Views: Full Article

f | Main - Google Chrome_015

When I have a lot of articles to read I kick the zoom up and just remove all the controls from my view.

f | Main - Google Chrome_019


I set-up a dedicated Google Account just for Feedly, this is to be used at home (Linux), at work (Windows) and on my phone (Android).

The thinking here was that I don’t want to compromise the security of my main account by using it to sign in at a work machine just to use Feedly.

Google Reader (708) - Google Chrome_021

I was previously using “RSS Live Links” as my RSS reader, so I first exported to an OPML file.

Next I imported to Google Reader.

Finally Feedly synch’s with Google Reader.

Google Reader (708) - Google Chrome_022

Feedly Chrome Log in:

f | welcome to feedly - Google Chrome_017

Feedly Chrome, (There is a Feedly Plus but I don’t need the Icon in the tool-bar).

You will need to have a Google Account to install Feedly.

Chrome Web Store - Feedly - Your News, RSS, Google Reader - Google Chrome_020

Connecting Feedly to Google Reader.

Request for Permission - Google Chrome_018

Lifehacker poll: Five Best Google Reader Alternatives

Five Best Google Reader Alternatives - Google Chrome_028

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