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The day they killed RSS (Livemarks) on Firefox


Yeah that about sums up my feelings on the matter :-|

Mozilla and Firefox had a great idea with their original implementation of RSS, “Livemarks” but they didn’t build on that success or promote it to users, instead they tried to hide it, and now the latest blow… the emasculation of Livemarks.

Bug 613588 – (livemarksIO) Replace livemarks with asynchronous load-on-demand livemarks

Three major changes in Firefox: 1) Live Bookmarks are loaded “on demand,” instead of Firefox checking for new items in the background; 2) Live Bookmarks are handled asynchronously, which prevents Firefox from locking up whenever feed items are stored or accessed; and 3) Live Bookmark items are no longer considered “bookmarks,” speeding up the display of and searches for actual bookmarks. The basic rationale for these changes is presented here by the developer who eventually coded them. The reasons all make perfect sense


So… do the dev’s really hate RSS and are they trying to kill it off completely in the coming Firefox versions?

Well the signs don’t look great…

This Bug was posted on the 20th of June 2012 and still no sign of a fix…

It affects 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

So is even this watered down version of RSS going to wither on the vine?

Time will tell but things are not looking good for the future of RSS on Firefox, not good at all :-(

Note: A possible ray of hope:

Marco Bonardo [:mak] 2012-02-27 05:28:13 PST

(In reply to Girish Sharma from comment #105)
> Is there a way to disable this feature?, so as to load the livemarks
> automatically, without the need of going to each livemarks and waiting for
> it to load ?

Until bug 725964 is at least made better, updating livemarks is expensive. We don’t want our users to pay that cost they may not need (thus why the livemark load on access). That said, I’m evaluating making a really simple restartless add-on for users willing to pay that price.


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