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Feedly Power User Setup – Two Keys to Anywhere – Using Index and Goto

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Want to see whats new (per feed, not per category), and to be able to jump to it fast?

Here’s how:

Use Index (gh) to see what’s unread and (gg) to search and jump to a feed.

f | Index - Google Chrome_032

(gg) then type to narrow your search.

f | Index - Google Chrome_029

Set everything to Title View.

f | Ars Technica - Google Chrome_031

Increase the Zoom in chrome until you lose the left feeds menu and it gets replace with a hover over control.

Install “Force Background Tab” from Yuchen Wang from here: .

This lets you scan through your items fast using keyboard shortcuts:

n and p (next) and (previous) to work down the list.

o to (open) the summary of an item.

v to (view) in a new tab (forcing it to open in the background is a huge time saver).

r to reload.


New keyboard shortcuts: View original in *background* tab, Preview


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March 22, 2013 at 7:46 pm

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