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My Google Nexus 10 is Absolutely Gorgeous – First Impressions: Apple Beware Google has a Winner

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Ordered Tuesday Delivered Thursday… Score!

The Nexus is a beautiful black device that just screams build quality.

The 300 dpi screen is stunning, the included Ice Age video is a great way to show how good it is.

Surprisingly good Stereo speakers, everyone who has heard it is impressed.

The none slip black back is a great idea.

Changed the wallpaper to a live wallpaper that shows the weather and the Sun or Moon position in the sky, very very cool.

Update to the latest Jelly Bean 4.2 to get “Users” added to the settings, a friend used their Google account to log in and they were up and running in under 3mins.

Killer feature.

The Notifications on the left and the Quick Settings on the right are great.

I love the new effect in YouTube, its a “curved” view, lovely :-)

Note: Adding in free content with the Nexus: A Video, Books and Music is really appreciated, nice touch Google.

More details later.

Flipboard v1.9.10 now available.

No BBC iPlayer so I installed flash and used Firefox to save a shortcut to to the desktop


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November 15, 2012 at 9:13 pm

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