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Bought the Samsung Galaxy Note – The deal was too good to pass up

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I have been watching the price on the Note and saw a special offer for £20.50

Too good a deal to pass up :-D

100 cross-network mins + Unlimited texts + 500MB Anytime Mobile Internet Browsing + FREE BT Openzone WiFi + One FREE Swapables • 24 months
• Magic Numbers • Orange Wednesdays

Well its all over bar the shouting ;-)

Deliver due this Saturday, and we will see if it is >Too BIG< or rather >Just Big Enough<

Also will need to pay £58 for terminating early and all that… messy messy messy.

Details: £492.00 total cost. Nearest offer is £624.00 and £684.00.
The Official Orange deal was miles out.

So I get a premium new phone for a pound or two more than my current deal YEAH!

When I first looked at pricing this phone was £46!!!

I also get to stay on the Orange network which is great, and one swappable… hmm Times Or Deezer… decisions decisions.

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An update on my smartphone research:

I dropped in at a couple of Phone shops yesterday and here are my thoughts.

Not too impressed by the Samsung Galaxy SII (but it had been “got at” by some kids so not a fair test).

Hugely impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I had written this one off but its definitely a contender once you go hands on.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a fantastic phone and as expected actually a mini-tablet.

So it looks to be a contest between the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy Note ATM.


At present I use a HTC Desire which is the best phone I have ever owned.
The research I put into the decision to go with the HTC Desire paid off handsomely, as its still a better phone than most even after 2 years.

Factors to consider:

A bigger HD screen is a must, as I have found that carrying two devices is a pain.

e.g A Kindle Fire and my HTC Desire.

So the idea is to get the biggest practical device that will fit in my pocket.

The Note looks like a shoo in but the Nexus is a beautiful device with great build quality.

Also the Nexus has the guarantee of constant OS upgrades direct from Google, unfortunately the camera supplied looks poor compared to the latest in the Note.


Written by SilverWav

March 22, 2012 at 10:02 pm

3 Responses

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  1. I, too, went on a hunt for the biggest pocketable screen. At the time, the Galaxy Note had just been announced at IFA. There was no telling if the USA would get it at all.

    I made a mockup out of cardboard (it’s two layers thick), and ‘tested’ the pocketability for a week. I put it where I put my current phone (a 3.8″ screen) and I could ‘pocket’ it pretty much the same way. That is – 90% of the time in the front pocket of my jeans.

    I ended up buying the Galaxy note, and I haven’t looked back. It is more of a pocket tablet than a phone (i.e. two handed usage is often more comfortable). For app heavy users, it’s just wonderful to have a large screen.

    I won’t buy a tablet because I think it’s too much hassle. If it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it’s a deal breaker.


    March 5, 2012 at 7:12 am

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the info, it nice to know that the Note works as a pocket phone :-)


      March 5, 2012 at 6:29 pm

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