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Upgrading to Oneiric 11.10 Beta 1 – Snagging List

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Any other issues I am adding here:

  1. My Nautilus Launcher from the dock doesn’t work. Starting it from from the desktop or terminal does work though.
    Needs to be added back in to the launcher each reboot.
  2. Nvidia Settings Launcher missing from dock. I used dash to open it and added it back in.
  3. How do you configure the Radiance Theme?
    Unselecting and reselecting the Radiance Theme gave me the lighter title bars that I was looking for.
  4. No detail view on the file manager nautilus? See here.
  5. Pastie broke so I installed ClipIt, looking good so far.
    Oh and that is the first time I have used the Software Centre and it gets points for creating a launcher.
  6. Virtualbox is still working OK the package Manager is saying it is still Natty.
  7. Zeitgeist takes 100% CPU on one core. See here.
  8. Zeitgeist is watching you… privacy fix? See here.

That’s it so far not too bad for a beta1 :-)


Written by SilverWav

September 1, 2011 at 5:25 am

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