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Note: Proper font smoothing in Firefox

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This setting is key, by default (20) its almost never used.

As I wanted text to be optimized for display quality I set

browser.display.auto_quality_min_font_size = 0

Possible values and their effects

A non-negative integer, specifying device pixels. Text rendered at this size or larger is optimized for display quality rather than display speed. Default is 20.

* Text in chrome (the UI) is always rendered with the high-quality path.
* Web pages can override the effects of this preference by specifying the text-rendering CSS property.

Recommended settings

To use the highest quality display and legibility settings for all rendered text, set this preference to 0. Conversely, setting this preference to a very high number will cause Mozilla to use the fastest rendering methods for all text.


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May 17, 2010 at 11:45 am

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