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Taking A Chance On Lucid 10.04 Beta 2 :-)

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The Game Is Afoot.


Using TestDrive, as I can do a quick test in a vm 1st, then do a real install over the old Beta 1.

Just seen that the CD/DVD problem Bug #554433 should be fixed as well, so very pleased :-)



Here We Go!

Update 1
23:55 08/04/10
Had to run testdrive again to get it to load the vm but no big.
Lucid Beta 2 Installed in the vm with no problems.
Ran my package Cleanstart script and no issues so far.

Next to burn the CD and do the deed!

See you later :-)


Update 2
09:00 09/04/10
OK installed Beta 2 and all is working :-)

This took a lot longer than planned. The CD wouldn’t pass the Integrity test.
I burnt 3 different CD’s, each reported fine in vm, md5sum checks etc. on the desktop, but all reported a file error when checked from the LiveCD.

I burnt the next CD at four speed and it past the Integrity test!


Update 3
13:30 10/04/10
Found a problem with installing NVIDIA drivers (Workaround below).
Bug #552653 [Lucid] Jockey gives message that it failed to install nvidia hardware driver.

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

Added to bottom of list:


Wrap Up.

Well I now have a working system again!
The NVIDA driver install problem was unexpected at this stage in the game but blacklisting solved it, and better now than later.

As expected Window Controls are now back at the left (with close on the far left).

Have to say that Lucid looks very polished, new install slides ‘n all, well on target for a successful full release by the end of the month.


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April 8, 2010 at 10:26 pm

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