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SD card “disappears” after HP Pavilion 14 wakes from sleep.

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This is helpful, being able to bookmark, browse and use “save as” with the external SD card.

This is a partial work around for the “disappearing” SD card issue. (ChromeOS is the problem not the hardware, as I can still see the SD card from the chroot).

Fortunately, the web browser does support the file: URI scheme allowing access to the File Shelf and External Devices directories.

Directory URL
File Shelf file:///home/chronos/user/Downloads/
External Storage file:///media/removable/External%20Drive/

To copy a file from one directory or device to another, use the URL listed above to locate the target file, then right click on the file and select “Save link as…” to copy the file to a new location. (via William Shotts)

The other workaround is to use the command line which still allows for access to the SD card, once you use “shell”.

cp ~Download/somefile ‘media/removable/External Drive/’


SD card “disappears” after HP Pavilion 14 wakes from sleep.

My newest Chromebook is the HP Pavilion 14, the older, black model. Fully updated. Today, I purchased a SanDisk SDHC card. The HP Chromebook recognizes it as “External Drive” and I can add files to it just fine. Just one problem: when this Chromebook wakes from sleep, and I click the Files icon, “External Drive” is no longer listed. Any ideas why? Removing and re-inserting the card forces Chrome OS to “see” it again.

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February 24, 2014 at 2:25 am

Crouton Upgrade raring to saucy

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A worked example so I don’t forget for the next time.

1. Backup chroot – after logging out of raring:

chronos@localhost:~$ sudo edit-chroot -b raring

2. Upgrade to new Distribution Release:
me@localhost:~$ sudo do-release-upgrade

3. Update your chroot using the latest crouton -u to make sure all of the crouton-related scripts are still in place.
me@localhost:~$ croutonversion -u -d -c

4. chronos@localhost:~$ sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t xfce -t chrome -n raring -u

5. Rename the chroot (edit-chroot -m) to match the new release name:
chronos@localhost:~$ sudo edit-chroot -m saucy raring

Works a treat just need to run synaptic or software-center as root or I get errors:
gksudo synaptic-pkexec

PolicyKit error when trying to install/remove programs in the software center

Upgrade raring to saucy

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February 23, 2014 at 6:13 pm

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SSH Is Easy! Linux’s best kept secret.

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Read this first SSH: An Easier-Than-You-Thought Tutorial by Paul Arnote (parnote)

I had no problem with this:

ssh -l paul_lenovo

-l (small L) logs the listed computer as a trusted computer, and we only have to do this once (per remote machine, per local machine).

though to log-out I used “logout” not “~.”


ssh -v remote_account_name@remote_ip_address

…worked fine!


ssh -v -X remote_account_name@remote_ip_address

gave me an error:

X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0

This turned out to be because IPv6 was disabled:

$ sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6
$ net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1

The easy answer was:

1) Adding the following to your sshd_config (/etc/ssh/sshd_config)
AddressFamily inet
2) Restart SSH

Hell Yeah!

Typed “thunar” and after a brief delay there was my remote file manager forwarded to my desktop.

Sheer magic.


Ensure you have OpenSSH client and the OpenSSH server installed.

sudo nmap -sP scans your network and lists all of your devices.

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August 27, 2013 at 9:48 pm

The Best Chrome Extensions For An Ex Firefox User (9 month later)

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Adblock Plus  1.5.4

Blocks all annoying ads on the web: video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners and much more. Visit website

Close tab on context menu 0.2

A simple extension that add a ‘close tab’ context menu entry. Visit website

Create Link  0.2.9

Copy current page URL to clipboard in various formats. Visit website

Double Click Closes Tab 1.0.9

Double left/right or triple left clicks on WEBPAGE (not tab) to close tab. Reopen tab by shiftKey + DC/TC. Visit website

Force Background Tab 2.0.4

Force New Tab Running In Background Visit website

Netflix Rate 1.3.18

Add IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings to the Netflix webpage. Visit website

PageZipper 1.3
A free bookmarklet which automatically merges all the ‘Next’ pages into one page Visit website

Pocket (formerly Read It Later) 1.5.6
Pocket Extension for Google Chrome – The best way to save articles, videos and more Visit website

Readability Redux 1.3.4

Readability for Chrome. Now fully customizable! Visit website

Scroll To Top Button 6.2.4

Adds a scroll to top or bottom button. Visit website

Stylebot 2.1

Change the appearance of websites instantly. Visit website

I use this to generate CSS code then create a style at for use in Stylish 1.2

I find Stylebots use of a form and click’n’pick selection easy to use, but prefer saving to Stylish.

Main thing you have to change in the CSS is adding “!important” to things.

Stylish 1.0

Restyle the web with Stylish, a user styles manager. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, and many, many other sites. Visit website

The best :-) see

Having the styles on the web makes it easy to add then on any Chrome browser, at home or work.

URL Pinner 0.6.15
Auto pin your websites via URL and keep them sorted! Visit website

Set “RegExmode” to “.*” then all tabs are pinned.



RSS: I now use Feedly via the web, no need for an extension.

Font Size: Chrome’s Built In Page Zoom and Minimum Font Size mean that there is no need for an extension.

Not perfect but with the occasional Stylish hack, workable.

Just 5 steps to add Xfce to your HP Chromebook (via Crouton)

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1. Enable Developer Mode:

Note: wipes your Chromebook.

Start with the Chromebook off
Press hold esc and F3, then press the power button
Control + D
Turn off OS verification by pressing enter
This will then reformat the drive for you (takes about 15 minutes).

Note: Whenever you boot your Chromebook, you’ll see a warning screen.
You’ll need to press Ctrl+D or wait 30 seconds to continue booting.

2. Grab the latest release from

Download it, pop open a shell (Ctrl+Alt+T, type shell and hit enter).

3. sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t xfce -r raring

4. Enter a user name and password when promoted.

5. sudo startxfce4


To switch from ChromeOS to Xfce and back use:

Ctrl+Alt+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Forward plus Ctrl+Alt+Refresh

Very detailed walk through and screen shots here:

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Your Chromebook with Crouton

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August 23, 2013 at 6:13 pm

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Orange (EE) Updating Samsung Galaxy Note 1 to 4.1.2 :-)

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At last!

About time Orange!

Just saw that AT&T in the states was rolling out an update a few days ago, I wonder what the connection is…

Maybe EE were just embarrassed about being so late?

Anyway Samsung were so lucky… as I had just made a promise to myself that I would be going Nexus 5, as the carriers were so slow with updates.

So to recap I have had 2 updates one to 4.04 and another to 4.1.2 in the 13 months I have had the phone.

They were pushing things this time but… OK.

The plan I have been following is:

Go with a flagship phone from a successful company, who updates.

Go with a phone company that updates.

Next time? 

Well if the Nexus 5 is a good phone, in 11 months, Google may have another customer.


  1. Big hi-resolution screen with LTE.
  2. Removable battery
  3. Upgradeable storage

1 is a dealbreaker, but 2 and 3, I think I can (possibly) live without.

4.1 9 July 2012
  • Smoother user interface:
    • Vsync timing across all drawing and animation done by the Android framework, including application rendering, touch events, screen composition and display refresh
    • Triple buffering in the graphics pipeline
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Bi-directional text and other language support
  • User-installable keyboard maps
  • Expandable notifications
  • Ability to turn off notifications on an app specific basis
  • Shortcuts and widgets can automatically be re-arranged or re-sized to allow new items to fit on home screens
  • Bluetooth data transfer for Android Beam
  • Offline voice dictation
  • Tablets with smaller screens now use an expanded version of the interface layout and home screen used by phones.[86]
  • Improved voice search
  • Improved camera app
  • Google Wallet (for the Nexus 7)
  • High-resolution Google+ contact photos[87]
  • Google Now search application
  • Multichannel audio[83]
  • USB audio (for external sound DACs)[83]
  • Audio chaining (also known as gapless playback)[83][88][89]
  • Stock Android browser is replaced with the Android mobile version of Google Chrome in devices with Android 4.1 preinstalled[90]
  • Ability for other launchers to add widgets from the app drawer without requiring root access
4.1.1 23 July 2012
  • Fixed a bug on the Nexus 7 regarding the inability to change screen orientation in any application
4.1.2 9 October 2012[91]
  • Lock/home screen rotation support for the Nexus 7[92]
  • One-finger gestures to expand/collapse notifications[93]
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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May 6, 2013 at 10:59 am

Microsoft, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

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We are witnessing something truly remarkable, the end of Microsoft and Intel’s Wintel strangle hold on consumer computing.

Take a moment and consider that.

Yeah we are so busy doing day-to-day things that you sometimes miss the huge sea changes, because they are incremental, and not at all obvious from ground level.

But zoom out to 40,000 feet and… Wow just wow.


The PC market is tankingWindows 8 is proving to be a disaster. Dell is hoping to go private. HP is flailing. But not every “personal computing” company is suffering. In the past few years, Apple has sold more than 500 million iOS devices – not licenses, devices - and is selling an additional 75 million iOS devices (iPhones and iPads, mostly), each quarter. At this rate it could be only a few years before the iOS installed base surpasses the global Windows installed base.

A Theory about the Office on iPad Schedule

Office for iPad, launched at the same time as Windows 8/RT, would most likely have killed the market for Windows 8 and RT devices. As it was, that market was already severely diminished and below expectations. But with a viable alternative tablet, it could have been game over. And the ramifications of that decision would have impacted far more than just Windows 8/RT: The PC market could have literally collapsed, much as the videogame market did in 1983. The fallout would have included PC makers going out of business/being sold, a serious and potentially permanent hit to Microsoft’s bottom line and the ouster of Steve Ballmer. I’m talking tech Armageddon here.

It’s actually happening, we all wondered and speculated on, if, and when, and how…

Well people here it is! Microsoft THE END.

Too weird.


The Churchill Society London.

This battle was not fought for the sake of gaining positions or so many square miles of desert territory. General Alexander and General Montgomery fought it with one single idea. they meant to destroy the armed force of the enemy and to destroy it at the place where the disaster would be most far-reaching and irrecoverable….

There Are 1.25 Billion Windows PCs Worldwide Matt Rosoff|December 06, 2011

The race to a billion—2012 Update

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April 13, 2013 at 8:35 am

Feedly Power User Setup – Two Keys to Anywhere – Using Index and Goto

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Want to see whats new (per feed, not per category), and to be able to jump to it fast?

Here’s how:

Use Index (gh) to see what’s unread and (gg) to search and jump to a feed.

f | Index - Google Chrome_032

(gg) then type to narrow your search.

f | Index - Google Chrome_029

Set everything to Title View.

f | Ars Technica - Google Chrome_031

Increase the Zoom in chrome until you lose the left feeds menu and it gets replace with a hover over control.

Install “Force Background Tab” from Yuchen Wang from here: .

This lets you scan through your items fast using keyboard shortcuts:

n and p (next) and (previous) to work down the list.

o to (open) the summary of an item.

v to (view) in a new tab (forcing it to open in the background is a huge time saver).

r to reload.


New keyboard shortcuts: View original in *background* tab, Preview

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March 22, 2013 at 7:46 pm

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Feedly Is A Revelation! – Feedly in 5 minutes – A Quick Intro And How To

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Google actually did me a favour with the brouhaha over its closure of Google Reader…it introduced me to Feedly.

Feedly is a revelation, somewhat like the first time you use Gmail, this is a fantastic RSS reader, really fantastic.

It is a big change to the way I normally consume RSS content, something more like a constantly updating newspaper… but not really, because it is its own thing.

And you have fantastic opportunities for customisation, and you can use it in various different ways depending on how much time you have.

How have I missed this for so long?!?

Quick Instructions on the use and set-up of Feedly.

Diving straight in, this is what Feedly looks like once I was finished messing about learning how things worked.

Today: Magazine View

f | Today - Google Chrome_001

Main: Magazine View

f | Main - Google Chrome_002

Feed (Softpedia): Titles View

Below is a Titles View zoomed in – Use the n (next) and p (previous) keys to read each atticle and r to refresh.

Keyboard Shortcuts Help is Shift+?.  A hidden shortcut that works is Shift+s for sharing/liking.

f | Softpedia - Google Chrome_025

Use the keyboard shortcut gg:

f | Softpedia - Google Chrome_026

Now start typing for where you want to go.

f | Softpedia - Google Chrome_027

Below is the view you see if you have zoomed in, the controls are hidden on the left.

On my smaller work screens this is a good view…

f | Main - Google Chrome_003

The next view shows the Organise popup.

f | Main - Google Chrome_004

Feed Set-up - Open Directly

Here is a feed (BBC News) which is part of the group called “Main”, clicking the cog icon allows you to set “Open Directly”

f | BBC News - World - Google Chrome_023

Feed Set-up - Edit

Clicking the “edit” button to the right of the title, allows you to set “Must Read”.

f | BBC News - World - Google Chrome_024

Feed Set-up - Add/Search

Search icon  on the right

f | Saved - Google Chrome_005

You can search or copy and paste RSS feeds or url’s in here…

f | Saved - Google Chrome_006

Scroll down for a lot more. Here I could ‘add all’ to the Photograph stuff… or keep on searching.

f | Explore photography - Google Chrome_007

Once you have a few feeds you can now organise them into groups…

Note that you can move items between groups (by drag and drop ), but you cannot order items in the group, this took me some getting used to, but it makes sense when you see how Feedly works.

You can order the way groups are shown, just move them around until you are happy.

f | Organize - Google Chrome_008

Before: Main, Tech, Linux, Bored.

f | Organize - Google Chrome_009

Moving Tech.

f | Organize - Google Chrome_010

Now: Main, Linux, Tech,  Bored.


f | Preferences - Google Chrome_016

Views: Magazine

f | Main - Google Chrome_011

Views: Titles

f | Main - Google Chrome_012

Views: Mosaic

f | Main - Google Chrome_013

Views: Cards

f | Main - Google Chrome_014

Views: Full Article

f | Main - Google Chrome_015

When I have a lot of articles to read I kick the zoom up and just remove all the controls from my view.

f | Main - Google Chrome_019


I set-up a dedicated Google Account just for Feedly, this is to be used at home (Linux), at work (Windows) and on my phone (Android).

The thinking here was that I don’t want to compromise the security of my main account by using it to sign in at a work machine just to use Feedly.

Google Reader (708) - Google Chrome_021

I was previously using “RSS Live Links” as my RSS reader, so I first exported to an OPML file.

Next I imported to Google Reader.

Finally Feedly synch’s with Google Reader.

Google Reader (708) - Google Chrome_022

Feedly Chrome Log in:

f | welcome to feedly - Google Chrome_017

Feedly Chrome, (There is a Feedly Plus but I don’t need the Icon in the tool-bar).

You will need to have a Google Account to install Feedly.

Chrome Web Store - Feedly - Your News, RSS, Google Reader - Google Chrome_020

Connecting Feedly to Google Reader.

Request for Permission - Google Chrome_018

Lifehacker poll: Five Best Google Reader Alternatives

Five Best Google Reader Alternatives - Google Chrome_028

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March 15, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Goodbye Firefox Its Been Fun, Hello Chrome My Cool New Friend.

Time to move on: Moving from mainly using Firefox to mainly using Chrome.

Reasons and Rationalisations:


I use a lot of Google services and I own a lot of Google devices.

Security is top notch and updates are pushed out fast, but in a way that does not bug users.

Chrome is now mature enough that I can find equivalent extensions to those in Firefox.

e.g. I have found an extension “Sidewise Tree Style Tab” that allows me to have usable vertical tab stacking.

Chrome is developing a technical lead and will be developed at quite a fast pace for the foreseeable future.

Chrome updating does not break extensions.

Although I don’t trust Google as much as I do Mozilla (banking will still be a Firefox activity), I still trust them a lot.


Mozilla’s treatment of the RSS LiveBookMarks feature was for me a turning point, instead of updating the feature, it was largely emasculated.

And in point of fact the Chrome extension, RSS Live Links, looks to be a better long term proposition than my favourite Firefox extension Boox, :-( go figure.

A New World:

So here we go a whole new world to get used to :-o

This should be fun :-)


The next few articles will note any useful tips on using and configuring Chrome.

I will back link them all here to make it easer for anyone making the same journey.

Notes: The Best Chrome Extensions For An Ex Firefox User.

Notes: Chrome’s Built In Page Zoom and Minimum Font Size – No Need For An Extension? Probably.

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November 30, 2012 at 8:44 pm


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